Hunting in Namibia Panorama HuntingQuestions and answers

Which equipment do I need for a hunt
at Panorama Hunting Ranch?

  • Rifle (cal 30 or bigger) with good scope.  
  • Take the rifle that you are most comfortable with.
  • Ammunition 50-80 rounds
  • Good binoculars
  • Photo with tele-lens and/or video camera
  • One warm hunting jacket and vest
  • 3 pairs long khaki pants and long sleeved shirts
  • One pair hunting boots and thick socks for hunting
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Sunscreen (at least factor 30)
  • Leisure clothes and shoes

When is the hunting season in Namibia?

The official hunting season is from 1 February to 30 November at each year. The seasons vary for the different bird species.  As we have game in abundance, the success of a hunt is not dependant on the time of the year. At the beginning of the year it still rains and the vegetation is lush and green. During winter it is cold at night, but the sun shines most of the days. In spring it gets almost hot, but the days are long with a good "siesta" – a good time for a vacation too.


What should the duration of a hunt be?

Over the years we have experienced that six to ten days are sufficient to fulfil the wishes of our hunters.


What is included in the daily rates?

The daily rates include the services of a licensed professional hunter, expert trackers and skinners, fully equiped four-wheel-drive vehicles, field preparation of trophies, accommodation and all meals and drinks, daily laundry service and transfer from and to airport. Value added tax and other levies are included in the rates. Shipping of trophies to their final destination is excluded.


What are the transfer costs?

Transfers between the airport and the concession are free of charge.  We collect you at the airport personally. The days of arrival and departure are free of charge if no hunting takes place.


Can rifles be rented?

Rifles and shotguns and ammunition for most calibres are available for rent.


How does the hunt take place?

During the hunt the personal wishes and condition of the hunter are always taken into consideration, but always within the guidelines of a "fair chase". The day usually starts with a still hunt with some intensive stalking on foot or sitting in a hide. During midday everyone, also the game, should take a rest. In the afternoon until sunset there is more time for an unforgettable hunting experience.


What trophies and quality can the hunter expect?

The populations of all the species listed in the price list are such that the hunter can count on good trophies. The hunt on species listed SQ must be confirmed in advance. We guarantee that all trophies meet the prescribed minimum measurements. 


Are wounded animals payable?

Although this happens very seldom, wounded animals are seen as hunted animals. We strive to guide the hunter in such a way that a secure shot can be taken from a favourable position. 


What happens with the trophies?

We take care of the field preparation of all your trophies and they are prepared into skull & horns or shoulder mount or full mount. These preparations can be done here in Namibia and we will aid you in choosing the taxidermist. If you want your trophies mounted at home, we will prepare and then take them for shipping to an agent. You CANNOT take your trophies home yourself.


How is the payment done?

If you wish to come for a hunt, you contact us and then we agree on a suitable date. Once you pay a deposit of US$ 1000, your hunt is booked. The rest of the bill is paid at the end of the hunt by personal cheque, travellers cheques or credit cards on prior agreement, will be accepted.


What happens after the hunt?

If you are interested in making a tour through our beautiful country Namibia,  Namibiatravelreisenclick here, and we will help you with the planning.
Otherwise we will take you back to the airport when you depart for home.


Should I come again?

You are most welcome! Most hunters enjoy their second hunt more because they are then familiar with the conditions. Tell your friends that you enjoyed your hunt – they can also experience an unforgettable hunt at Panorama Hunting Ranch.